Monday, 27 December 2010

New Year, New Project

I've been a bit remiss on the RPG posting front it has to be said, for the simple reason I've not really got anything to say that hasnt been bandied round the "echo chamber" before, coupled with I've not participated/DM'd a D&D style RPG for coming up to two years (I think!)

I'm playing in an excellent PbEM Call of Cthulhu game and that has more than satisfied my RPG cravings over the last six months which has led to me focussing on what might now be termed my "primary hobby" - the collection and painting of the "little men"

2011 means I'm going to start another wargame army, having got to saturation point with the several I've already got.

Dark Elves - on the backburner again - having batch painted two units of spear and crossbow men and ladies (Dark Elves are equal opps employers it seems) in a month, I cant face the Cold One Knights and Corsairs for a while
Still have a couple of character figures on the painting table,suffering as I do from too many Chiefs and not enough Indians syndrome.

Kroot: I've got as far as I can with them without engaging in quite a lot more converting - and need to test them in a wargame to see if they can pound my mates orky horde............and then eat them on skewers afterwards B-)

Inquisition: Sitting in their box

Space Marines: Back burner way behind the Dark Elves

Assorted Scifi Mercenary Scum - need to make my mind up what I'm doing with them, whether to go more mechanised or not in the sense APCs etc

Soooo.......I surprised even myself and went for Vampire Counts/Undead ............not really sure if this is a by blow of playing Call of Cthulhu by email for the last six months or so, going for something "darker".............and they are very "cool" figures as the chaps in blue polo shirts would say.......

Today I've spent all afternoon assembling some Wight Cavalry on skeletal steeds (and they look brilliant even unpainted)