Friday, 30 July 2010

Vampire slayers

Couldnt resist posting these about encounters between well known Vampire Slayers and Sparkly Ass Vampires.........

I think Blade definitely gets a surprise attack in that picture.......

Monday, 19 July 2010

Incoming: Pendragon

Having sold my AD&D Birthright collection on Ebay last week, I decided it might be an idea to try something new, apart from Call of Cthulhu

Today the Pendragon rulebook dropped through the letterbox (all 1.5 inches thickness of it!)

Needless to say I've not even skimmed it yet B-)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hello Chatdemon!

Welcome Chatdemon who seems to have found my dark, slightly dusty corner of the Blogosphere

Have some refreshment while I tidy up a bit! B-)

Call of Cthulhu

After being away awhile, time for an update, now I'm fed up with collecting as many Kroot as I can get my mitts on

I'm playing in my pal Daddy Grognards PBEM Call of Cthulhu along with a couple of other fine folk (Dungeonmum and Rich)

Having played it exactly once before in a haze after a few intoxicating beverages a while back, the character creation came flooding back and the emails from Daddy Grognard started to arrive

Me, I've never enjoyed playing academics or librarians... - as I recollect my other character was an ex-army veteran, except I couldnt remember the stats being "a while ago" a quest for inspiration, I looked down and beheld the assorted Eidos Hitman titles in a pile next to the PC and decided on a gangland mobster/hitman.......except I didnt want to be Mafia......

A quick visit to Wiki and Gangs of New York (not the film!) and Solomon Steinberg was born.

Bound to meet a messy end involving tentacles ......B-)