Sunday, 7 February 2010

What Happens when you call your local Warlord "Stupid Idiot"

This is taken a bit out of context compared to my other posts but I'm still chuckling now....

So there we are neophyte adventurers wandering down the road .....

In the spirit of Old Schoolness I thought it might be a good opportunity for them to meet some of the movers and shakers in their part of the world on an incognito mission to the Oracle in the Forest....

So, they met Uhtred, Warlord of Mercia and the (soon to be) Queen AEthelflaed who were having a bit of wagon trouble....(good excuse to introduce attribute check xps)

Lukas helped Uhtred mend the wagon - and called him "stupid idiot" ...because he kept calling him "laddie".........
I really didnt think anybody would call a "heavily muscled warrior in his 40s, with lots of scars, stripped to the waist holding the corner of a wagon up" - "idiot"
I give two chances as well to revise what was going to be said........

So after a couple of punches (two of many possible multiple attacks) and stunning damage to Lukas they accompanied the strangers to the Kings Head in Melford......

Oh well at least they got noticed........B-)


  1. lol.

    It is so hard to make a name for oneself.

  2. And we've not even started the adventure yet!

    Possibly a record - PC gets his lights punched out after 30xp.......B-)

  3. And the Pokemon precedent for this would be....?

  4. idea.......B-)

    I have a feeling he might be at the front end of a swynfylka soon though......

  5. This has great potential, for a running joke. You can have NPC after NPC, call the character "Laddie." Pretty soon, the other players will start doing so, as well. Then, if you're really lucky, they'll start calling him "Lassie."

  6. Hi James - point noted I think it probably will be!This was the first session after the Daddy Grognard Training Dungeon just me and the same player (aged nearly 10) so a tiny bit out of context as theres at least one more session log to go.
    The "laddie" was a spur of the moment nod in the direction of Druss the Legend ....with whom the Warlord shares a few personality quirks........B-)