Wednesday, 10 February 2010


The above Frank Frazetta picture always caught my eye as the epitome of berserking barbarian hero

I dont know about you good people out there - personally I've never been happy with any of the published Berserker/Battlerager apart from maybe the WD Articles one which has been given a few tweaks in previous games as follows:

Requirements: Str:15 Dex:11 Con:15
Level Advancement: As Ranger
Armour: Chainmail or lighter
Sheild: Yes - but gnawed on then thrown away when berserk/raging
Hit dice: d10 (to 11th level)

Races: Human,Dwarf, Half Orc and Half Ogre

Must spend one round chewing on shield,favourite nail etc....
+2 to hit and +1 PER LEVEL damage for duration of battle madness
Lasts one round per level plus one round - must make a WIS save to end fury early or will attack nearest being - including friendlies (!)
Will carry on fighting to -10 hp (or death depending on ruleset)

Thats the bare bones from memory - it has been play tested extensively over the last 2o years and works ............B-)

Happy Slaying!

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