Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lets see what you would have won!

That catchphrase from the old UK gameshow Bullseye sprang to mind when I sat down to type this for reasons which may or may not become apparent below.

Slightly ahead of schedule I've taken on the mantle of Keeper in our Call of Cthulhu PbEm from my pal Daddy Grognard - in itself a hard act to follow.

One of the good things about this type of game is as Keeper you can sit down with a premise - in my case an A5 notebook full of notes, NPCs and general ideas for the Investigators to discover, meet and explore and let them write the story themselves.

This has worked fine with the three players I've got apart from when dice rolls involving a secure dice roller have become involved...........had I as Keeper stuck to the results of the "dodecahedrons of fate" they'd be looking as bemused as the contestants on Bullseye who live in Birmingham and didnt win the boat...........or in game terms had a convivial chat at supper and gone home to their beds