Monday, 10 January 2011

One for the miniature painters

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This is a debate which crops up between me and my best mate whenever beer and "little men" are involved.

It took me ages to get round to the idea of the "cool multi part plastic kit" a certain well known manufacturer is increasingly releasing.

They're even doing Grey Knights in plastic next year - who'd have thought it?!

Anyway which do you good people prefer or dont you care either way? B-)


  1. I have to say I prefer plastics more and more these days. The plastics GW used to put out during my heyday of playing those games (the mid-90s) were truly atrocious. But nowadays you get great quality AND they're much easier to cut up and convert.

    ::off to saw the head off a metal Kommando, grumble, grumble::

  2. Now I've had the AoA rules pop through my door, I'm probably going to try to get hold of some of the current Khemri archers and just give them a paint job that makes it look like light leather hoods or something like that