Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year, New Projects - Targets

2011 has heralded a new painting project - which I'm fired up about - mostly because the minis look pretty damn good even unpainted.

I dislike Warhammer and its restrictive army lists and codices and thanks to Sir Larkins (again) for bringing Armies of Arcana to my attention.

I also quite like to use other manufacturers minis in my armies.........

So gibbering, staggering and drooling on the sidelines are:

1 unit of GW Grave Guard (I like these that much I might get another box) - plan to put together this week

1 lot of GW Ghouls - in box

Stackloads of skeletons - severely lacking in archers though (recommendations welcomed) of which

5 painted thus far - a mere 33 to assemble........

A corpse cart (above) - I like this as well but it might bit of overkill if I got two!

Zombies...........Brains..........20 in box

Black Knights with Wight King (who I've decided is the Big Boss) - six of thus far- mostly painted

Necromancer on Undead Troll (to go with the corpse cart and zombies, naturally)


  1. Have you seen the Mantic Games Undead Skeleton Archers?

  2. @ Biopunk - yes- I got a couple of Mantic minis as a freebie with an Ebay purchase - while the sculpts get a thumbs up, they strike me as being very subtly different scale......not by much but enough to be noticable

  3. Nice!

    Black Tree Designs carries the old Harlequin line which includes some skeleton archers:

  4. True.

    But such good sculpts! They have ruined the GW lines of skellies for me. Perhaps they are a good thing to avoid. :(

    Mirliton minis has some too, but I've never seen them in the flesh, so to speak...

    Let me know if you do find any others, as they do seem rare.


  5. Thanks both for the input!

    @ Biopunk I'm actually restraining myself from getting the Mantic Balefire Catapult though

    @ Sir Larkins - yes I've had stuff off BTD before and might well go along that route as their metal minis work out at about £1 apiece for a blister of three

  6. Stumbled across these:

    5 for £8.00, also available as singles.

  7. @ Biopunk - thanks worth a look! B-)