Saturday, 15 January 2011

Armies of Arcana - first impressions

My Armies of Arcana Rulebook arrived this week.

So what?

This - I have a love/hate relationship with GW as some of you know and never really "got" Warhammer in any of its incarnations..........yes I've got/previously owned/read the rules! B-)

AoA is a Fantasy Wargame Ruleset which I was completely unaware of till the other week till I read Sir Larkins battle report on his blog

Things I like:

Cost £20 + P&P for which you get...........(I got mine from Caliver Books)

Complete Rules in an easily comprehensible rulebook (Colour)

Army lists (all the usual suspects from the "other game" with the exception of The Empire and a whole section on Monstrous Creatures you can have as allies) so no extortion in the shape of an Army book.

No superpowered heroes with souped up magical items (stuff like that is figured into the stats already and looking at it makes very little difference)

Mechanics are d6 based and fairly easy to get the idea of, with clear examples given

You can use whatever figures you can get your mitts on from whichever manufacturer you choose without worrying about them being "legal".

Theres even a formula to build your army to your preference depending on the figures you've got which works on a points system

No constraints on army composition apart from 60% troops and 40% elites/characters/monster allies.

Minimal "fluff" and padding - most of which is pictures of well painted Reaper and Gamezone figures.............even GW minis make an appearance.

Wizards arent all- powerful and have to generate/focus power during the game to be able to cast spells, they are also costly

Things I didnt like:

Hogmen - I really dont see the point of them.........B-)

Second Impressions will follow when I've used them in earnest, the proofs in the pudding as they say!

Monday, 10 January 2011

One for the miniature painters

Please feel free to vote in the poll opposite.

This is a debate which crops up between me and my best mate whenever beer and "little men" are involved.

It took me ages to get round to the idea of the "cool multi part plastic kit" a certain well known manufacturer is increasingly releasing.

They're even doing Grey Knights in plastic next year - who'd have thought it?!

Anyway which do you good people prefer or dont you care either way? B-)

Belated Welcome

Very shoddy of me again I know..........

A belated welcome to Paladin in Citadel

and Blighty Waaaagh Boys

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year, New Projects - Targets

2011 has heralded a new painting project - which I'm fired up about - mostly because the minis look pretty damn good even unpainted.

I dislike Warhammer and its restrictive army lists and codices and thanks to Sir Larkins (again) for bringing Armies of Arcana to my attention.

I also quite like to use other manufacturers minis in my armies.........

So gibbering, staggering and drooling on the sidelines are:

1 unit of GW Grave Guard (I like these that much I might get another box) - plan to put together this week

1 lot of GW Ghouls - in box

Stackloads of skeletons - severely lacking in archers though (recommendations welcomed) of which

5 painted thus far - a mere 33 to assemble........

A corpse cart (above) - I like this as well but it might bit of overkill if I got two!

Zombies...........Brains..........20 in box

Black Knights with Wight King (who I've decided is the Big Boss) - six of thus far- mostly painted

Necromancer on Undead Troll (to go with the corpse cart and zombies, naturally)