Saturday, 15 January 2011

Armies of Arcana - first impressions

My Armies of Arcana Rulebook arrived this week.

So what?

This - I have a love/hate relationship with GW as some of you know and never really "got" Warhammer in any of its incarnations..........yes I've got/previously owned/read the rules! B-)

AoA is a Fantasy Wargame Ruleset which I was completely unaware of till the other week till I read Sir Larkins battle report on his blog

Things I like:

Cost £20 + P&P for which you get...........(I got mine from Caliver Books)

Complete Rules in an easily comprehensible rulebook (Colour)

Army lists (all the usual suspects from the "other game" with the exception of The Empire and a whole section on Monstrous Creatures you can have as allies) so no extortion in the shape of an Army book.

No superpowered heroes with souped up magical items (stuff like that is figured into the stats already and looking at it makes very little difference)

Mechanics are d6 based and fairly easy to get the idea of, with clear examples given

You can use whatever figures you can get your mitts on from whichever manufacturer you choose without worrying about them being "legal".

Theres even a formula to build your army to your preference depending on the figures you've got which works on a points system

No constraints on army composition apart from 60% troops and 40% elites/characters/monster allies.

Minimal "fluff" and padding - most of which is pictures of well painted Reaper and Gamezone figures.............even GW minis make an appearance.

Wizards arent all- powerful and have to generate/focus power during the game to be able to cast spells, they are also costly

Things I didnt like:

Hogmen - I really dont see the point of them.........B-)

Second Impressions will follow when I've used them in earnest, the proofs in the pudding as they say!


  1. Yeah, the Hogmen...

    They weren't in the previous edition. My impression is that the company that makes the minis threw some money towards the current owners to give their line a featured presence (not just an army list, but pictures and prominent presence in the examples!).

    On the plus side, it does go to show how you can construct a "non-traditional" army.

    Glad you enjoy the rules!

  2. @ Sir Larkins: Yes - I got the impression a certain amount of commercial inducement was involved somewhere with the Hogmen, agreed about the non traditional army in terms of including everybody who wants to collect/play.

    Skaven/Ratmen vs. Hogmen might be interesting if the Skaven won....."bacon,eat..."

    Its actually given me cause to look at my Dark Elves and Skaven I was collecting for the fun of it another look.

  3. Cool picture of Monza Murcatto on the front, btw.

  4. @ Daddy Grognard - yes the cover art was a factor in my decision - however on a VFM level its probably the best buy for a while I've made with my "Xmas money" B-)