Wednesday, 3 February 2010


These chaps from the Wychwood Brewery are what I always see Hobgoblins as being like.

I'm therefore going to remove Orcs pig-faced or otherwise altogether and have a general lump of goblinoids consisting of Goblins/Hobgoblins/Bugbears

Is that heresy I wonder?!........B-)


  1. That's what I did.

    No gnomes, or halflings either!

  2. The beer's nice too.

    FWIW, I've never been a fan of pig-faced orcs (oh no, I shall be burnt at the stake now) but there are those who do like 'em (JM for example) and Otherworld Miniatures do a nice range of snouty figures.

    If I run out of figures in a meat-grinder, I tend to use whatever looks vaguely like them, which I suppose underlines the fact that figures aren't so much a matter of aesthetic verisimilitude but more a tactile representation of position and location.

    If you look very closely at the bottom picture, on the right hand side of the background, there is something that does look rather more like the AD&D hobgoblin.

  3. @ biopunk - I was pondering doing away with hobbits as well but not gnomes because I quite like the idea of forest gnomes rather than a shorter alternative dwarf.
    Yep Hobbits are out.....

    @ Daddy Grognard
    Agreed nice beer - thanks for pointing that out btw I'd never spotted that during several semi intoxicated examinations of Wychwood's bottle art!
    Theres one of the WD covers - no 53 - thats something like but not quite orcs.
    I'd decided if anything was going to be piggy or snouted or both it'd be beastmen.....B-)