Sunday, 18 July 2010

Call of Cthulhu

After being away awhile, time for an update, now I'm fed up with collecting as many Kroot as I can get my mitts on

I'm playing in my pal Daddy Grognards PBEM Call of Cthulhu along with a couple of other fine folk (Dungeonmum and Rich)

Having played it exactly once before in a haze after a few intoxicating beverages a while back, the character creation came flooding back and the emails from Daddy Grognard started to arrive

Me, I've never enjoyed playing academics or librarians... - as I recollect my other character was an ex-army veteran, except I couldnt remember the stats being "a while ago" a quest for inspiration, I looked down and beheld the assorted Eidos Hitman titles in a pile next to the PC and decided on a gangland mobster/hitman.......except I didnt want to be Mafia......

A quick visit to Wiki and Gangs of New York (not the film!) and Solomon Steinberg was born.

Bound to meet a messy end involving tentacles ......B-)


  1. If he's got a really big gun in that valise of his he might last a little while;)

  2. I couldnt possibly divulge what "tools of the trade" he has about his person B-)

  3. I'll see your big gun and raise you eyes and tentacles...