Monday, 19 July 2010

Incoming: Pendragon

Having sold my AD&D Birthright collection on Ebay last week, I decided it might be an idea to try something new, apart from Call of Cthulhu

Today the Pendragon rulebook dropped through the letterbox (all 1.5 inches thickness of it!)

Needless to say I've not even skimmed it yet B-)


  1. So the call of Call of Cthulhu is that strong, eh?

  2. Yay, we've got that! Sounds cool, epic stuff.

  3. @ biopunk - yep the Call of Cthulhu is strong in this one B-)

    @ DG and Dungeonmum - Woot indeed and just skimming it piqued my interest.
    I think it might be cool to play a dynasty B-)