Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Decision

Those of you who drop by occasionally will have spotted I dont post on RPG related matters very frequently or often.Its been over 12 months since I DM'd a D&D style RPG commenting occasionally is the extent of my involvement with D&D

The reasons for my decision are twofold -

At present a fair chunk of my leisure time is taken with running a Call of Cthulhu pbem with as fine a bunch of people as you could wish to RPG with, which more than provides my RPG "fix".

They cover our doings on their respective blogs - Daddy Grognard and Dungeonmum

I'm not one for regurgitation of others posts and ideas.

The other reason is I consider my "main" hobby to be the collection and painting of wargames minis - now I've actually got a ruleset I enjoy using this has skyrocketed over recent months as I've started work on building up the three fantasy armies I've got - Dark Elves, Undead and Orcs and Goblins.

I'm proposing to start a new blog where I can post occasionally on the above as there are always works in progress as well as the odd battle report.

I can also promote AoA while I'm about it.

To those few of you who have follwed my infrequent mutterings

Thanks and you're more than welcome on my new one - the more the merrier.

Dont use online dice rollers for life threatening rolls is my parting word of advice............B-)

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