Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Solomon - Introduction

Since Dungeonmum's blogging about her character's exploits in Daddy Grognards Call of Cthulhu PBEM campaign, I thought I'd write stuff up from my characters perspective....


The loose stair creaked.

Slowly Solomon reached for the suppressed 9mm pistol that was never far from immediate reach and took aim.........

An envelope sized object slid under the apartment door with a rustling hiss, followed closely by the scampering of feet, leaving considerably less stealthily than they had arrived.

The black blob of wax used by the Organisation to notify its operatives of their next mission was instantly recognisable.Scooping up the envelope with his free hand, Solomon seated himself in the tatty armchair, placed his weapon on the battered table nearby and slit open the envelope.

After inhaling the unique aroma of the Florentine paper of the envelope, the folded paper inside revealed a photograph and the accompanying note divulged the mark's name was Louis Fetterman....

An activist and anarchist who owes the Organisation money. Clean up the mess, recover the money and make it look like an accident. Sources tell us he was last seen at Pennsylvania Station last Saturday boarding a train to Vermont, he may be trying to make a run for Canada

Allowing himself a wry smile at the mental image of a large snowball crushing the prosperous looking portly gentlemen in the photograph, he flicked open his lighter with practised dexterity and near simultaneously lit a Sobranie Black Russian and destroyed the parchment, which was then deposited in the slightly reeking kitchenette bin.

“To work Mr Steinberg, time waits for no man”

After an afternoon spent purchasing necessary items and chatting to a talkative and over-enthusiastic sporting goods store clerk, he discovered trains to Vermont were daily at 12:02pm and Brattleboro was popular with hunters, skiers and vacationers.

It was also conveniently near the border.............


  1. Like. Keep this coming, old chap - we'll make a book of this one yet!

  2. Many thanks both!

    @ DG: Strangely the same thought popped into my mind as well......