Saturday, 17 April 2010

Work in Progress

Is these guys I got the other day on Ebay.......Scibor Miniatures resin Scifi Ogres/Ogryns....
They make the GW one look quite puny in comparison - and I've got a few (!)
They've all had other bits stuck on them since I got them and are still at the early stages yet - thus far I'm pleased with them B-)

There and back again!

I'm back...

To those who were concerned many thanks B-)

My RPGing ground to a halt due to a slightly unusual set of circumstances which I said previously I wouldnt go into publicly and still wont.

This then leaves me with the possibility only of bi-annual games with a mate I've known since we were six.

Unfortunately I cant see myself blogging about RPG related stuff unless its in connection with the Effigy stuff me and Daddy Grognard are collaborating on - ok he does the writing and I bounce ideas back if I'm sufficiently dosed with caffeine B-)

I'm still buying/collecting/painting the "little men" and got a few projects going that I dot between in that direction...........just so as all fifteen of you know where we're at, I might not be posting often, for long or relevantly to RPGing