Thursday, 19 November 2009

Battle Report - Orks vs Mercenaries

Time to post a battle report methinks.......

Several conventions to note here however are:

This was NOT a 40k battle - turns do not follow the GW "I go, you go" formula......
Whoever wins initiative moves and attacks - unless figures are in close combat the other player doesnt get a "go"
We werent limited by canon army lists preferring to field whatever the hell we want B-)
Rules - home written - as I was the away team we used the hosts rules as per ancient wargaming convention..........


My Mates army - :

Orky Horde - consisting of a mob of trucks, bikes,tractors a well tooled up Warboss and rock 'ard bodyguards

My bunch of chaps:

Assortment of mercenaries: including kroot carnivores, a couple of Robogear walkers,assorted "specialists" - commandos, snipers ........and my favourite squad of ogryns

Scenario: Defend the Science Facility - me defending

Turn one: Orky initiative
In a rumbling tide of exhaust fumes the horde moves unsubtly forwards(at this point in hindsight it has to be said I thought "oh crap I might be in a bit of bother here"), the more mobile bike boyz raced ahead down the left flank, the trucks trundled forward down the centre followed by the Warboss and bodyguard and a couple of mobs of boyz - some long range shots mostly blocked by the assorted fortifications. The stormboyz on the right flank decided it wasnt worth the effort to move......yet!

Turn Two: Rollover - Orky Initiative (the losing player on the previous turn gets +2 to initiative, I rather spectacularly got a 1)
The metal tide roared forwards, preceded by the grots, the bike boys shot forwards down the left flank and started pouring assorted ordnance on the Ogryns holed up in bunkers (and told not to move!)
The kroot manning the sandbagged walls didnt fare quite so well and got minced badly. (3 left from a kinband of 13 - fortunately one was the chief)

Turn Three - Double rollover - Orky initiative ......(yes I got another 1 for initiative)
The bunkers held (IMPORTANT POINT) with the loss of one ogryn to a lucky shot from a bike boy
The assorted trucks and tractors hit the sandbagged walls like well thrown brick through a pane of glass........the remaining kroot were wiped out to a....kroot
The grot horde assaulted the most forward bunker - killing another ogryn of the two dug in
The bikers assaulted the left of the fortifications with another ogryn lost
Ork Kommando infiltrators were deployed behind the rear right and attacked the Mercenary Commander mounted on his warwalker...................things were looking decidedly "difficult".....

Turn Four - Mercs initiative ......phew at last - I was beginning to wonder whether the dice gods had abandoned me!
The remaining Ogryns mangled no less than one truck and one tractor with some heavy fire (ogryn big guns get 2 dice for damage in these rules - open topped vehicles have three "lives")
Rather miraculously the solitary krootox rider with heavy weapon managed to take out a tractor with a bit of ogryn assistance......things were looking up!
The remaining ogryn in the forward bunker crushed one of the assaulting grots underfoot
Snipers on the roof of the command centre started taking potshots at the Warboss and bodyguard.............with 3/3 hit/kill ratio (in all rules we use snipers can choose their target)
The remaining kroot in the complex consolidated into cover and poured volley fire at anything that moved
The two kroot troops outside moved onto some cover and poured fire down on the enfilading bikers .......leaving one who opend throttle and ran away........there were just the walking tin cans to worry about now.....
The Commander let the Kommandos have it with everything on his warwalker and personal sidearm (5 dice in attack total - 4/14 kommandos wiped out)

Turn Five - Orky initiative

The nasty spiteful kommandos wiped out the remaining kroot on the right flank.The Kommando boss attacked the Mercs Commander .....who saved
The vehicles were deadlocked in an exchange of heavy weapon fire with the ogryn more ogryn perished in a burst of truck ordnance
The 11 remaining grots attacked the lone ogryn in the forward bunker - failing to score a hit - one got squished back -( as figures in hand to hand combat get to reply)
Truck mounted rockets and walker rocket platforms pounded the snipers - who took cover behind the parapet and..well........cowered.......
The Storm boys leapt forward and started to dismember the central kroot in what was left of the cover
One mob of boyz had got several poor movement scores and had got that far behind they were still trudging toward the "action"

Turn Six - Mercs initiative

Mercs commando squad deployed and infiltrated behind the Warboss and bodyguards in an attempt to "cut off the head" of the Orky horde on what was probably a suicide mission.
They wounded the warboss, leaving him with two bodyguards
The Commander on warwalker took out another two kommandos
The snipers had achieved another 100% kill ratio (3 from 3) before the commandos deployed.....the warboss' bodyguards were looking a bit depleted now
On the left the kroot poured yet more fire into pretty much anything that moved....and two Kans were blown apart and the Krootox rider blew up a missile walker.........leaving one truck and two rocket platforms .........and the stormboys.............The solitary Ogryn was still winning his Grot battle another crushed underfoot.

Turn Seven - Orky Initiative
The warboss and bodyguards polished off five merc. commandos of a squad of nine.(VERY tooled up!)
In an attempt to win the game the Ork kommandos poured everything at the Commander, blowing his walker up but he made his save again .......and escaped with one wound left (out of two being the Boss)
Everywhere else was deadlocked with the mercenary forces slowly being overwhelmed and picked off leaving two ogryns and exactly one kroot warrior and the krootox behind a pile of crates, who had drawn the fire from the missile walkers away from the snipers on the command building........

Turn eight - Mercs initiative

The krootox blew up the second missile walker..........leaving the snipers to gratefully stick their heads out of cover, settle in for the shot.........and disappointingly score two hits from three shots..........both hits were crucial - the first blew the Warboss' brains out, the second took down one of his two remaining bodyguards.
Up stepped the Commandos officer who dispatched the remaining bodyguard with a close combat weapon.............
The kroot skimishers and ogryns poured distracting fire on the remaining Kans with another blown up...........

Turn nine - Orky initiative.....

Up went the cry of "Leggit"...........with the commander slain the whole army needed to take a morale check ....and failed. Morale tests are not required under these rules providing the Commander is still alive and kicking or until 25% of the starting army is reached.
I think probably to be honest it was more a draw, both sides had fought to a standstill but it was agreed that my Commander had one life left whereas the Warboss didnt

Result: Narrow victory

Now trying to paint sufficient figures for the return game here next year.........historically the visitor usually wins but as usual an enjoyable game..............I intend to publish a three way battle report later .......which took a while...........if I can remember the details!

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