Sunday, 1 November 2009

Welcome to Old 4 Eyes Den!

Hello -
I'm 47 years old and in no particular order am a wargamer, RPGer,collector and painter of Wargame Miniatures and very small time Ebay trader in that I "recycle" my stuff I cant see myself using - this of course doesnt go to anything useful - apart from more "stuff"......
Earlier this year I had the good fortune by way of a "random encounter" my path crossed that of a good chap whose Blog on here is Daddy Grognard and we started emailing our ideas on ...oh...pretty much everything.......but mostly we had a meeting of minds in terms of creative ideas which resulted in input to each other's RPG Game Worlds - specifically in DG's case 1st Edition D&D ....and in my case a hybrid of everything I liked from the old Red and Blue boxsets up to 2nd Edition.......culminating in a retro step to Castles and Crusades...with OD&D bolted on.

In that sense I truly cant say I'm a Grognard - more like sitting on the fence. I miss the old days of delving in holes in the ground but in playing over the years have got used to something else altogether - I think those playing 3rd and 4th Edition nowadays would call it a "story arc"..

More ideas and postings will follow but thats it for now!

Remember - you always need an iron spike when you least think you need one!


  1. Drinking tea?

    I hope there's a bikkit to go with it!


  2. There's always a bikkit involved with cup of tea!......B-)