Thursday, 31 December 2009

House Rules

Further to my intro post and before I start posting the game logs of Daddy Grognards Training Dungeon I thought I really ought to post on the House Rules I'm using - some long standing - some not so.....

The rules set I'm using is Castles and Crusades with bits bolted on from the Rules Cyclopedia with AD&D 1e spell lists which I like and which C&C is a bit sparse on in some areas....

1) The Sacred d30 may be rolled once per session for a to hit,save or damage roll (this is devastating on a critical hit!)

2) A roll of natural 20 is always a critical hit - this gets double damage dice by weapon. Maximum damage is always unpleasant for the person/creature on the receiving end.

3) Clerics can use weapons associated with their deity and to a lesser extent cultural take on the blunt weapons for clerics rule is as written it was intended to represent Crusader clerics which has never sat well with me at any rate...

4) Shields can be shattered as per Carters house rule blog - this is a new one for me and reminds me of a scene in 13th Warrior......

5) PCs and NPCs can go to -10 hit points before final messy expiration in a gouting mangled heap........if they can manage a Con. save they are conscious and can carry out actions at a penalty to the dice roll of however many minus hp they are on. This gets worse while active until they die or stay still to be stabilised.

6) Character start play with weapon proficiencies/skill slots as per the Rules Cyclopedia (4/4 for fighters and 2/4 for non fighter classes) These can be swapped around.

7) Female character at the players OPTION make a 1:1 attribute swap between Str and Dex and 1:1 swap between Con and Chr (one point only!)

8) Training on level gains is silliness - adventurers have enough cr*p to put up with when a character gains a level he gains a level...end of.


  1. Got to agree with number 8 - does anyone actually enforce that rule, which was surely made up by Gygax to take out of circulation the Banker's Bonus-sized amounts of GPs that the PCs came across in their travels?

  2. Certainly not me for a long time!
    The bankers bonus GPs were there to bump up the XP totals as well lets not forget.....on which note I must come up with a workable XP system after finishing your excellent TD, understandable by a novice thst doesnt involve scraping round for every GP to get experience points......B-)