Friday, 11 December 2009

Training Dungeon lift off

As my pal Daddy Grognard says here I'm planning on doing his Training Dungeon with the resident Pokemon and DS obsessed medium sized the probably misguided hope of converting him to proper RPGs.
I have a horrible feeling it might be like trying to shovel water uphill with a sieve, but we shall see.

Positive points so far -

1) He rolled a character and wanted to start now, right this instant, preferably thirty seconds ago....

2) He talked about it all the way back from school the other afternoon - trust me this is a good sign!

3) He thought the assorted dice were "cool" and grasped the idea different shaped ones were rolled in different situations and weapons did different damage...

Negatives: -

1) He couldnt think of a name for his character unless it was Pokemon related - I really didnt realise how insidious Pokemon is!

2) Armour choices was shoulder and knee pads - like they wear on Pokemon.........................

To remedy this and to be fair he hasnt heard of or read The Hobbit - after DG's excellent training dungeon which I'm proud to have been party to since he first had the idea - I'm hoping to do a Castles and Crusades campaign (with bits bolted on from the Tome of Ancient Lore aka The Rules Cyclopedia) based around Dark Age Britain -inspired by Merlin, the unfortunate BBC Kung Fu version of Robin Hood and the childrens Gameshow - Raven- all of the cited examples being things this particular small person can identify with.
Obviously I've drawn my inspiration from other non televisual sources, but at least we have a starting point.

Daddy Grognard has offered useful advice and input on running a game and the first outing of Team Plunder is booked for Sunday afternoon .......this is definitely the youngest player I've DM'd for .....more to follow

I think The Hobbit might be finding its way into someones Christmas stocking this year.....B-)

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  1. Totally looking forward to reading the adventure log on this one!

    Clearly no-one on Pokemon has ever had to fend off 20 goblins before.