Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Team Thud and Blunder - Intro

As my pal Daddy Grognard posted here I managed to persuade the resident 9 1/2 year old boy that a whole world of gaming existed outside a 2in screen one pokes with a plastic stick.........(Nintendo BS)

So one wet and rainy teacher shopping day .....oops....inset day just before Christmas we rolled some characters.....using Castles and Crusades....

The party -
Lukas 1st lvl Fighter - above mentioned medium sized persons character
Ashnut - Forest Gnome Thief 1st lvl
Fergus - Half Elf Fighter/Cleric (of the Green Man)
Rowenta Human female 1st Cleric of St Cuthbert of the Cudgel (Priestess of the Source in a nod towards David Gemmell)
Elyra - 1st lvl MU - think Hermione!
Mach(arius) the Millers son - 1st lvl fighter - doughty fighter

The other five NPCs I intend to keep him busy with running when he fully gets the hang of it.

I then had to come up with a point of reference a nearly 10 year old might identify with.....apparently they dont do the Brave and Bold books as part of the National Curriculum nowadays which by both our admission is how me and my mate with whom I've played D&D for years got into the whole idea at the age of nine - ish

I therefore had to settle on something similar to Merlin, the unfortunate "Kung Fu" BBC Robin Hood and Raven the childrens game show.......pretty much Dark Ages Britain....toss in a few ideas from Bernard Cornwell, traditional Fantasy RPGs and the "proper" Robin Hood with Ray Winstone as Will Scarlett and there we go....

Thus was the land of Albion born - with some input and ideas from my pal Daddy Grognard since we bounce gaming ideas off each other

This has also given me a chance to limit the armour and weapon no +3 Plate of Waterwalking and Teleportation or anything of that ilk

Only the Dwarves manufacture crossbows which are horrendously expensive...

Longswords are solely the province of the elves......

Half Plate armour is the cutting edge in technology (AC4)

But first the first session in the Training Dungeon - more to follow....B-)

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  1. They don't do the Brave and the Bold any more?

    Bah, this country is finished! I blame the EU! Political correctness gone mad! Is this the same Britain that won the war...

    (sorry, this IS the Daily Mail comment section, yes?)