Sunday, 24 January 2010

Experience Points

After long agonising about experience points ("levelling up" as the resident medium sized person calls it) while doing Daddy Grognards Training Dungeon for which the party dont accrue xps.
I decided it was time to come up with an xp system that didnt....

1) Involve loads of book-keeping.....hes nearly 10 makes neat maps but gets distracted (very) easily!
2) Didnt involve awarding 1GP = 1XP which I've not done for ages - monetary loot is reward enough in itself
3) Doesnt involve excessive xps for magic items gained - bearing in mind a +1 cloak to a 1st level thief/rogue is most of a level
4) Doesnt involve calculating an xp per hit point value (see 1)...DM/CK laziness on my part...

I hit on the following:

1HD = 100 xp - from Philotomy Jurament's page - this I think is fair and averages out the book-keeping involved for whose charater did what and when.
Halved if driven off or captured

500xp per plus of magic item be it misc magic or weapon (plus 50% if +1/+2 vs dungeon masters.....)

500xp per dose for one shot items such as potions

100xp per spell level LEARNED and COPIED

100xp per spell level from scroll when USED in game as opposed to shoved in a backpack and sold later .....

50xp x number of levels of party members for non combat encounters important to the adventure speaking nicely to an NPC and they garner a USEFUL piece of information to the quest.....loosely extrapolated from The Rusty Battleaxe..(thanks!)

Comments/critiques as always welcome.....yes I am aware of trading gp for xp for carousing after adventures ......but my player is 10 ......lets not go there B-)


  1. You might want to pop across to The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms 11th November 2009 post about XP, where he put forward an elegantly simple system for using attributes and getting XP for them.

  2. Been there and I liked it - always being a believer in getting xps for "doing stuff"......B-)