Friday, 22 January 2010

Poll Goblinoids or Beastmen

I'm torn with indecision between the two for my game in Albion (qv)....

I dont know whether to go with the traditional Goblinoids or the more chaotic warped Beastheaded Men.......


  1. Goblinoids - why change a winning team?

    (besides, you can then save the beastmen for when the party is geting complacent)

  2. Both!

    Have the Goblinoids displaced by the Beastheaded Men, raiding the outlying farms as they try to find enough food to survive the winter.

    Opportunities to teach the ol' law of unintended consequences and domino effect abound, as well as the need for establishing good relations with the neighbours.

  3. I think either would be cool. Personally, the only idea I'm really stuck on, in this regard, is Pig Faced Orcs. Pig Face folk would fit either way.

    Word Verification: Ingleysh. The warped and mutated version of the language, in a Mutant Future campaign.