Friday, 22 January 2010

Albion - an overview

Daddy Grognards Training Dungeon is nearly done - one quest object to recover - and then Team Thud and Blunder are bound for the warlike kingdoms of Albion.

In an earlier post I said I had to come up with an idea a nearly ten year old might engage with - so was Albion conceived for the following reasons.

1) Free map, easily identifiable which can be redrawn into Kingdoms...(Saxon,Celtic,Norse and "other")......ideas to be firmed up....the party are first level and not likely to go far....
2) Fits with the influences said young person has thus far encountered. (see previous link there wont be any Kung Fu Robin Hood stuff.....B-)
3) A good excuse for me as DM/CK/GM to introduce all sorts of elements and ideas from diverse sources

Now I'm not really a top down GM in any shape of form - unlike my good pal Daddy Grognards VERY impressive campaign history post. .....I dont intend doing anything of the sort apart from an overview and then add to it from the ground up - this is how I've always done it and it suits my style of game. People, settlements and locations take shape as the adventurers encounter them from a page of jotted notes.....
The same can be said of ruins/dungeons - historically in the setting the only possible source of ruins/dungeons is the now withdrawn equivalent of the "Romans", the Dwarves who live in what approximates as Lancashire on a real world UK map..B-) with more (un)natural sites being around before the "Romans" appeared

The "Romans" withdrew xx years ago long before the PCs started out.....I'll fill in the xx as and when I need to.

The country is split into several kingdoms - of which the PCs are natives of one - they hail from a village - in the Kingdom of Mercia - in other words the middle bit!
I havnt got much further than that, but envisage points of light even in the more civilised areas giving the opportunity for things best not spoken of to lurk....

I need to do a map of the Kingdom of Mercia at some point with a nod in the direction of whats on the Borders.....where naturally there is a Keep/Fort on the Borderlands (slightly amended) which has an eye to expanding into a Haunted Keep - from Dragonsfoot - again tweaked a little.

There are all manner of unpleasantnesses - Undead,Dark Druids, Brigands, Evil Wizards and Sorceresses, Norsemen,Celts,Picts and beasties of all stripes....
On which note gentle reader(s) feel free to vote!

More to follow as things develop.

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